We are a half block from one rose garden and two blocks from Ladd's circle, a landscaped park in the middle of Ladd's Addition. We are near Hawthorne boulevard, 11th avenue, and Division. Nearby there are bars, restaurants, movie theaters: Duff's Garage, Vie De Bohemme, Lucky Lab, Cinemagic, People's Food Cooperative, New Seasons, Second Story, Lardo's, Juniors, Hawthorne Food Carts, and more.Slater House tree lined sidewalk

The block is lined with maple and birch trees that provide a canopy in summer and fall with lots of crows and small birds. The backyard has a porch and organic garden that you are free to enjoy.

The neighborhood is perfect for walking, riding bikes, and exploring (even on rainy days). It is an easy 35 minute walk to downtown, 15 minute bike ride, 20 minute bus ride (many nearby stops) or ten minute drive.

Depending on the time of the month there may be fairly quiet classes or evening rituals being held in the living room or backyard. You are welcome to attend at 25% discount.