We have paid most attention to the exterior and bones of our home, but now we are updating the inside from the 1970's remodel to a more historic look.

 If you want to read in the living room or spread a project out on the dining room table you may do so. The breakfast nook is nice for viewing the birds, watching the clouds and trees while reading the morning paper or doing paperwork. The Forest Room at the Slater House

 The deck looks out on a large organic vegetable garden, lawn, maple trees, and flowers. The neighborhood is friendly and has lots of alleys for walking, rose gardens to pause in, and tree lined streets to admire.

 There is wi-fi, small amount of fridge space upon request, French press with coffee, and a comfy room and bed awaits.The Forest Room

 Our home is in a quiet neighborhood, though at times in the summer, due to the proximity of downtown. We faintly hear the music from festivals on the waterfront. Inner Southeast Portland has trains running through it, so you may hear trains at night. We have fans, sound machine, and earplugs are available upon request.